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Interested in Japanese Internet Market?
If you are you, we are ready to help your company. Internet user in Japan is growing very rapidly. The only barrier that has been stopping the international business community from entering this lucrative market is the language. Japanese Internet users largely still feel more comfortable using Japanese rather than English for Internet communication. In order for your products and services to penetrate Japanese market, translating your English site into Japanese version is a MUST.

Quality Team & Quality Work
We do not use a network of translators like many online companies does. To ensure high translation quality, all translations are performed by fully-qualified, experienced bilingual Japanese translators. At CreativeJapan.com, you are not hiring a translator to work on your site but a team that consist of language translators, computer programmers, site deveopers, business advisor to ensure a quality service which will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Translation Rate
Simply e-mail us the URL of your site and we can provide you with an estimate. We do not practice the pay-per-word prcedure because it has proven to cause price estimation discrepency. Our translation rate starts as low as US$25 per page.

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